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Esther Kuhn

Press commentaries
"Esther Kuhn is a big highlight"
Director Simon Verhoeven about Esther Kuhn’s interpretation of ‚Clarissa‘ in ‚Welcome to Germany‘
Süddeutsche Zeitung
"And it is this tone that is fascinating with Esther Kuhn. Kuhn plays kittenish, eyes round as a ball, charmingly. She almost never tries to copy the Marilyn sound, she always succeeds in showing the artificiality of the character that Norma Jean has established for herself, in telling her loneliness, her hopelessness. [...] Kuhn could sing more, much more, she can do it well. At the end Kuhn's voice comes from tape. "I'm through with love."... And it is so sadly, sadly beautiful."
"Esther Kuhn as Lady Milford is compassionate yet calculating, but shows inner greatness at the end of the play. She gives the character her very personal note."
"Esther Kuhn plays Marilyn Monroe and speaks the recorded tapes of hers. And the actress does it very convincingly. The mind of Marylin Monroe in particular is well worked out. A one-woman-show that, throughout its approx. 70 minutes, never became long-winded – but absolutely worth seeing instead, not only for Monroe fans."
Mittelbayerische Zeitung
"Glorious how Esther Kuhn, as a clumsy, pop-eyed secretary with a giggle that makes her entire nose curl and expires in snoring noises, reaps enthusiastic laughs from the audience."
Mittelbayerische Zeitung
"Esther Kuhn as Dorothy acts in a small, colorful checkered dress and plays clearly as well as consistently, without any embarrassingly fake small girl charm. Not less well is her..."

Portraits und Interviews (Selection)
Esther Kuhn Kir Muenchen / Dezember 2018

Reports and Reviews (Selection)
Esther Kuhn Traurig Schön
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Esther Kuhn Online Kritik 'Marilyn'
TWO TICKETS.DE / December 2012
Esther Kuhn Adabei
KRONENZEITUNG / January 2014
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Esther Kuhn Preis für Film im Oktoberfest-Irrsinn
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Esther Kuhn Kuhn kann als Schauspielerin einen tollen Erfolg verzeichnen
KRONENZEITUNG / November 2011
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Esther Kuhn Der Totentanz als Foxtrott
ABENDZEITUNG / December 2010
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Esther Kuhn Blond bis in den Zeigefinger
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Esther Kuhn Die Reise nach Absurdistan im Schatten des Honeymoons
Mittelbayerische Zeitung / 2006
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Esther Kuhn